Kirkham 289 Coupe

Kirkham 289 Coupe roller chassis

3 Inch Frame with Original Type Leaf Spring Suspension

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    Filed aluminum 289 Coupe body
    3 inch powder coated steel frame
    Full roll bar
    Body Hardware
    Wiper system
    Steel jack hooks
    Stainless 30 gallon fuel tank
    Gold foil and aerogel insulation for footboxes
    Heat shields for footboxes, polished stainless
    Wheel well foam, uninstalled
    Latches/ handles for hood,trunk, doors
    Windshield, sun visor, wind wings
    Pedal assembly: Throttle, brake, clutch
    Powder coat reat bulkhead and wheel wells
    Steering wheel, wood or leather wrapped
    Throttle linkage
    Powder coated dash
    Fresh air ventilation system, drivers footbox
    Wiring harness with relays and switches
    Sealed battery with mounting tray and battery cutoff switch
    Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, license plate light
    Gauges, full set
    Engine Compartment
    Radiator with radiator tubes
    Oil cooler, complete assembly
    Motor mounts, 289 or 302, set of 2
    Steel steering shaft
    FIA style coolant tank
    Oil vapor separator tank
    Throttle return spring bracket
    Stainless exhaust system with headers
    Transmission mounts for Tremec OR Top Loader
    Kirkham aluminum differential, reproduction of original with mounts
    Diff cooler and lines
    Differential breather hose
    Driveshaft safety loop, billet aluminum
    Half shafts with CV joints, set of 2
    Original style tubular suspension
    Shocks, Penske w/ Hyperco springs, non-adjustable, set of 4
    Stainless brake lines
    Reservoirs, brake and clutch, billet aluminum
    Wilwood 4 piston calipers front and rear, vented disks, E-brake
    Wheels and Tires
    Tires, 205/70/15 front and rear with Trigo FIA style aluminum rims

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