Kirkham 289 FIA

Kirkham 289 FIA

(Leaf Spring Suspension)


Kirkham 289 FIA Options


Part #

Body Options


Aluminum body finish: filed (standard) -
Brushing the aluminum body (upgrade) 14,995
Polish the aluminum body (upgrade) 14,995
Main stripes (w/ brushed or polished body only) 1,995
Pit stripes on fender (w/ brushed or polished body only) 395
Number circles, hood, trunk, and sides (w/ brushed or polished body only) 4,995
Hard top with side curtains, Le Mans style, aluminum 14,995


3 inch frame: powder coated steel, w/transverse leaf spring suspension (standard) -
3 inch frame: stainless (upgrade) 4,995
Roll bar: steel (included) -
Roll bar: stainless

Twin roll bars, stainless (upgrade)

Right hand drive option, RHD


Body Hardware

Wiper system (included) -
Aluminum jack hooks (included) -
Stainless 18 gallon fuel tank, filter and fittings (included) -
Ferrules, door, set of 8 (included) -
Wheel well foam, uninstalled (included) -
Wheel well foam, installed 595
Gold foil and aerogel insulaton for foot boxes 995
Heat shield for foot boxes, polished stainless 495

Black Leather Interior

Latches/handles for hood, trunk, doors (included) -
Windshield, sun visors, wind wings (included) -
Pedal assembly: brake & clutch, billet aluminum (included) -
Steering wheel, wood, 15" -
Steering wheel, leather wrapped, 15" -
Throttle linkage (included) -
Leather covered dash (included) -
Carpet, wool, not installed (included) -
Carpet, wool, installation 695
Fresh air ventilation system, driver's footbox (included) -
Fresh air ventilation system, passenger's footbox 495
Door pockets, leather 995
Map pocket, leather 995
Seat tracks, adjustable, billet aluminum 695
Powder coat rear bulkhead and wheel wells 495
Seat belt, upgrade to 6 point harness (requires roll bar) 125
Halon fire suppression system 525
Dropped footbox, for drivers 6 ft 3 in and taller 1,495


Wiring harness w/ relays and switches (included) -
Battery, sealed, with mounting tray and battery cutoff switch (included) -
Headlights, taillights, tun signals, license plate light (included) -
Gauges, full set (included) -

Engine Compartment

Radiator with radiator tubes (included) -
Oil cooler, complete assembly (included) -
Motor mounts, 289 or 302, set of 2 (included) -
Steel steering shaft (included) -
Stainless steering shaft and u-joints (upgrade) 125
FIA style side pipes, steel, with headers (included) -
FIA style side pipes, polished stainless, with headers 2,495
Coolant tank, FIA style 495
Coolant tank, billet aluminum 495
Alternator bracket, billet aluminum 95
Oil vapor separator tank 495
Throttle return spring and bracket 25


Transmission mounts, Tremec OR Top Loader (included) -


Kirkham aluminum differential, reproduction of original w/ mounts (included) -
Differential breather hose (included) -
Driveshaft (included) -
Half shafts with CV joints, set of 2 (included) -
Original style U-joint with half shafts shafts, replaces CV joints 495
Differential cooler (upgrade) 1,995
Driveshaft safety loop, billet aluminum (recommended) 95


Original tubular type suspension (included) -
Shocks (Dampers), Penske w/ Hyperco springs, non-adjustable, set of 4 (included) -
Shocks, (Dampers) Penske w/ Hyperco springs, adjustable, set of 4 2,995


Stainless brake lines (included) -
Reservoirs, brake and clutch, billet alumuminum (included) -
Wilwood 4 piston calipers front and rear, vented disk, E-brake (included) -
Girling reproduction billet calipers, replaces Willwood (upgrade) 4,995
Labor, fill and bleed brake system 125

Wheels & Tires

Tires, 235/60-15 front and 245/60-15 rear with Trigo FIA style aluminum rims (included) -

Export Only

Export fee for all cars leaving the USA 2995
289 engine with Weber carbs 525 HP 24,995
Transmission: 5-Speed TKO 600 OR 4-speed Top-Loader 2,495
Engine completion kit: flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, bell housing, throw out bearing, misc bolts and fittings 2,495
Engine install 9,995

Exotic Options

Copper 289 FIA body, polished or brushed finish with main stripes (upgrade) 39,995
Bronze 289 FIA body, polished or brushed finish with main stripes (upgrade) 49,995
Brushed Bronze 289 turkey pan 995
Dash glare guard, not installed 355
Bronze accents: Knock offs, Fuel cap, Side vents, Hood latches 3,595
Billet bronze intake trumpets for Weber carbs 2,495
Billet aluminum intake trumpets for Weber carbs 995
Custom side badges 495
Heater/AC combo 7,995

Price with selected options: $

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